Why I didn’t do it earlier

or how I procrastinated in pursue of the right one

I joined Medium a long time ago, before everyone was allowed to write so I was anxious to get allowed to write. I was fascinated by appearance (yes, I am ready to admit that), but I just felt that this will be something different. I had a feeling about Medium.

And as much as I wanted to start writing I felt an instant pressure.

This is public. I will be compared. My views will be there in wild, open for everyone to see, comment and then… I have never actually liked political correctness. That always sounded to me like amputating the most important part of my opinion: being mine! When you embed political correctness then you inherently blend your opinion with majority attitude and that sounds like a lie. Because it is not what you think, yes in part it is but it also contains thinking (and values) of the others.

It is not that I am not correct, on contrary I value pretty high the values of the others and I am never closed to others opinions and probability that I could be wrong. Or see from wrong perspective.

I was wondering, what I will write about and how will it affect my business, my job or my relations to people I know. Or those that I do not know personally.

English is not my native language. So my sentences will not be as perfect as I wish them to be. Even in my native Serbian, whenever I write something, on a second reading (or after some time) I feel that it could be said much better. I wanted to be language neutral, origin neutral, but would that be me?

And what subjects should I write about?

Yes I am geek, nerd, call me names, I do not mind that. I am knee deep in IT but also in sciences. And I am very fond of literature. And psychology. And philosophy. I do care about aesthetic. And art. And I can say that not just to present myself as a someone with a wide interests but I really do care and read about these themes.

Politics is omnipresent and influence our lives more than it is presented in popular media or performed by professional politicians. It is a great source of injustice to individuals, groups even whole countries. I felt that first hand and not just once or few times. Should I write about that? What I feel is right or is not right? Help others see different perspective as mine is between west, eastern west (where I belong), middle east and far east?

Should I write as a thinker for a better world (raising doubt if my word are of any worth) or should I stick to my IT world and try to write things that I need for a reference for myself or share some knowledge?

What should be my quest?

If you, my dear first reader, have similar concerns, do not feel afraid or restrained to make a move.

It is way better to make imperfect something than perfect nothing.

With that in mind, I’ve made my move. So should you :)

Mac afficionado, web developer

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